Police and Crime Comissioner

West Midlands PCCAlongside the local council elections this year we will also be selecting a Police and Crime Commissioner, this is an ineffective post that shouldn’t be political, it should be done by a Police Authority who represent the local community – the Liberal Democrats are not putting forward a candidate this year.

The role of the PCC includes a number of roles previously performed by the Police Authority.

  • Appointing and dismissing chief constables
  • Holding the chief constable to account for the police force performance
  • Providing a strong link between the police and communities, which includes consulting local people, the council and others
  • Overseeing community safety and the reduction of crime, and ensuring value for money
  • Setting out a force’s strategy and policing priorities through the Police and Crime Plan
  • Setting out the force budget and spending

This election four white middle aged men are standing for election;

Pete Durnell – UKIP
Andy Flynn – Independent
David Jamieson – Labour Party
Les Jones – Conservative Party

More information on the candidates can be found here PCC Candidate Profiles

In the previous elections the Liberal Democrats supported a Muslim local community campaigner from Aston. I thought that the Labour Party would have supported a local campaigner such as Yvonne Mosquito.

I will write a post on community involvement and diversity to follow on from this.

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