Birmingham Council launch consultation on PSPO for City-centre – Make Your Voice Heard!

Birmingham City Council are carrying out a consultation on the introduction of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for the City Centre.

This measure would give police much needed additional powers to deal with anti-social behavior, such as begging and street drinking, within a specific area (see below) This covers much of Ladywood.

We welcome a particular focus on helping offenders with rehabilitation, instead of simply slapping them with a fine or criminal record. Individuals who breach the PSPO will be signposted to relevant support services…

            “The order will require that any young person found to be in breach of the prohibitions will be referred to the Early Intervention Team at the Youth Offending Service, who will provide appropriate diversionary measures.  Any person found in breach with drug or alcohol issues will be referred to the appropriate Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation services. Any person found in breach for begging will be referred to the Street Intervention Team for housing and benefit support.”

Make sure you get your voice heard by taking part in the online consultation by clicking HERE

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