Celebrating LGBT History Month

February is LGBT History Month. With the recent rises in hate crime we mustn’t forget the hard fought for journey for equality.

LGBT History Month is a welcome opportunity to celebrate the activism, strength and the spirit of the entire LGBT+ community. This is the time to look back at the key moments in the struggle for equal rights and to reflect on how we can build a more just world for everyone.

This month we celebrate iconic LGBT+ pioneers and strengthen our efforts to give meaningful attention to LGBT history.

In the UK, LGBT History Month falls in February to coincide the repealing of Section 28 in England and Wales.

We have made great strides in advancing equality over the last few decades. From the equalisation of the age of consent to the introduction of the Alan Turing Law, there is much to celebrate.

But for all the progress that has been made, there is still undoubtedly more to be done. Increases in hate crimes, worrying levels of transphobia in mainstream media and disparities in social and health care provisions are proof that the battle for equality is far from over. 

Thank you to all the local campaigners involved in organising this year’s celebrations and I wish you all an enjoyable month ahead. ?‍?

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