Joining the JQNF Adopt a Canal

The JQNF is adopting the Farmers Bridge flight of locks, most of which run through the JQ.

This month I was happy to join them weeding and lock painting.

The Canal & River Trust supplied the necessary equipment (paint, brushes, gardening gloves, weeding tools, etc). We just turn up in old clothes.

Forthcoming dates are: Sat 4th Aug | Sat 1 Sept | Sun 7 Oct. Saturdays will be from 1pm and Sundays from 11am. We usually meet for about three hours.

Over the year, activities the JQNF will be doing will fall into three main categories:
– Maintenance: e.g, painting locks & metal work / managing vegetation / removing graffiti
– Canal improvements: e.g. installing planters (on the towpath) / planting other vegetation / commissioning public art for the canal (although this would be in the long term and not in the first year)
– Community events: e.g. doing events as part of Heritage Week

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