What Would a Liberal Democrat Council Do?

On the 3rd of May Birmingham will elect a whole new council.  It will run the city for 4 years.  The Liberal Democrats have a plan to fix the councils failings.

It’s a tough job after years of Labour mis-management.

Failure to empty the bins, failure to clean the streets, failure to spend our money effectively.  Download our manifesto here for more details.

Summary – 14 to Fix

1/ Clean up our city – we will reverse cuts to street cleaning, ensuring that crews work with local communities to build pride in neighbourhoods.
2/ Clean up our city – We will set targets for prosecuting flytippers, providing the necessary resources, until the problem is dealt with, and incentivising householders to use legal means to dispose of bulky waste
3/ Green up our city – we will set and meet demanding recycling targets, bringing levels past the 2012 achievement of 30% and significantly beyond the present 23%
4/ Make our city safer – we will work with the police authorities to enhance the role of PCSOs and restore neighbourhood policing teams based in communities We will fight for sufficient funding for police services.
5/ Provide basic services – we will reform the waste collection services bringing In external partners and increasing community influence on how the service is delivered,
6/ Build our communities – we will put serious financial power and power to make change in the hands of local communities.
7/ Build our communities – We will ensure that land that is available for housing gets housing, meeting demanding targets for new homes.
8/ Make our city happier – we will reverse cuts to parks budgets, placing them at the heart of our communities
9/ Make our city happier – we will ensure that nobody needs to sleep rough on the streets of our city
10/ Strengthen support for families – we will provide the support needed to keep families together when they are let down by the housing sector, getting tough on poor private landlords and ending the need to use bed and breakfast for those who lose their homes. We will fight for sufficient funding for schools and social services.
11/ Strengthen support for families – We will fight for sufficient funding for schools and social services.
12/ Build our communities – we will take the necessary steps to ensure that bereaved families in Birmingham have ready access to non-invasive CT scanning.
13/ A city that works – we will keep the city moving, improving the quality of road maintenance and pressing for the introduction of a Brummie bus ticket.
14/ A city that works – we will support high quality apprenticeships and training.

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