Five times Tim Farron won the Leaders Debate

In last night’s leaders’ debate, Tim Farron did what he always does: he held the other parties’ feet to the fire.

With style and substance, he called them out on their failures aytnd communicated a positive vision for Britain’s future.

Theresa May, meanwhile, didn’t even show up – demonstrating her complacency and utter disdain for the British people.

Here are five times Tim Farron came out on top:

1. When he exploded Twitter by asking where Theresa May was: “She might be outside, sizing up your house”.


2. When he called out Corbyn for supporting Brexit: “If Jeremy cared, he would not have trooped through the lobbies with the Conservatives and UKIP to trigger Article 50.


3. When he scolded UKIP and the Tories for their anti-immigration policies: “The Conservative immigration policy is written to appease UKIP.”


4. When he celebrated European unity and shared values in the face of terrorism: “We must stand together with our neighbours to fight it.”


5. When he said the British people’s time would be better spent watching Bake Off than listening to Theresa May: “She can’t be bothered, so why should you?”

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